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 fashion accessories wholesale

 fashion accessories wholesale

 fashion accessories wholesale

 fashion accessories wholesale

Fashion Accessories Wholesale

Learn about fashion accessories wholesale and how to get products to sell.  Learn also what to look out for.

Fashion accessories wholesale is something that many people inquire about.  But before you jump the gun and go find a wholesaler and load up pallets of fashion accessories in your attack there are some things that you need to be aware of.  It's true that fashion accessories wholesale can be very lucrative.  But there is a lot of crap out there as well.  Learn how to distinguish between the two.

First a definition is needed: wholesale is when one person or company sells to another and no sales tax is charged.  At least, this is the American definition and the one we are working with.  They can call it wholesale until they are blue in the face but if they charge sales tax it's retail.  Plain and simple.

Now having said that, your supplier should require you to produce your state sales tax certificate that makes you and him/her exempt from having to pay sales tax (you do have one don't you? If not start making some phone calls now. You'll need it!)  If they don't ask for it this can be a serious warning sign that they are not legit. 

Another factor to be very concerned about is shipping.  Even if you find a supplier that is offering great "wholesale" prices, they can more than make up for it by charging you a hefty shipping charge.  Make sure you understand the shipping costs well in advance from buying anything from them. 

One of the main frustrations you will start to le arn about with any kind of wholesale operation is that suppliers typically require large volume purchases before you will see prices that will make it worthwhile.  This can be make or break for many aspiring seller.  There is no great answer to this problem.  There are some wholesalers that will deal with you for less volumn but you will never receive the kind of pricing that you'd get when you buy in large, large quantities.  The economics just don't support it.

Many first time sellers will consider a concept called drop shipping.  This is where you sell an item contact the vendor with the sales information like where to ship, etc., and the vendor ships the item for you.  The advantage here is that you do not have carry any inventory whatsoever.  The big disadvantage is that drop shipping is a larger overhead for suppliers so they are going to more than likely charge you a handling fee on top of the shipping and other costs that may be involved.  You should really not believe that you are going to get decent pricing when going this route.

Along the lines of drop shipping, be really wary of companies that charge you a monthly fee for the "priviledge" of being a member of that drop shipping club.  These fees can be step (sometimes $49 or more) and the products that they offer have very low margins so it is very unlikely that you are going to be successful with this.

One area that people often overlook either because they are unfamiliar that it exists or they don't trust that it will work - buy items in bulk on eBay or other auction sites.  Yes, you do have to be careful to make sure you are getting a good deal but you can easily run the numbers.  I have gone this route and it was legitimate.

However you decide to approach the fashion accessories wholesale, remember to do your homework.  At the risk of sounding cliche, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.